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Antoine Pitrou solipsis at
Sat Jan 7 15:39:09 EST 2012


Sophie Sperner <sophie.sperner <at>> writes:
> Let me ask here please. I'm a first-year PhD student in Ireland. My
> background is in mathematics, though I'm going to stream my career
> into programming with Python, Java and C++ languages. I have some good
> experience with C++ what allowed me to have a presentation in Europe
> quite recently - I participated in an open-source cloud computing
> project. I used Python a little bit in that project, though mainly it
> was in C++.
> [...]
> Could you please list me 2 or 3 projects in Python and/or Java which
> are currently active (vivid) and useful?

CPython itself - the reference and most used implementation - is written partly
in Python (most of the stdlib is) and partly in C. It is easy to find things to
do even without touching C. You could take a look:



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