open office in another language?

Stefan Behnel stefan_ml at
Wed Jan 11 08:06:24 EST 2012

Paul Rudin, 11.01.2012 11:17:
> Stefan Behnel writes:
>> OOo has been fully scriptable in Python for ages. It even comes with an
>> embedded Python runtime for that purpose [...]
> I have dabbled with PyUNO in the past. One issue is that the api seems
> rather unpythonic (to me, at least).

Sure, UNO wasn't designed for Python. It's mostly a 1:1 mapping of the C++
API. I didn't find anything in a quick web search, but I'm pretty sure the
wrapper is auto-generated in some way.

But still: it's there, it's usable and it's even object oriented. And I
estimate that it's much easier to use from Python than from C++ (which I
never tried). If you want something better, feel free to write a pythonic
Cython wrapper of the C++ UNO API. May take a while, though, and you'll
also have to rewrite the entire UNO documentation to match your new
wrapper, so that people can actually start using it effectively.


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