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mixolydian mixolydian at postersRUS
Wed Jan 11 17:03:32 EST 2012

mixolydian <mixolydian at postersRUS> wrote:
>I want to get into Python progamming for both local database applications and 
>dynamic web pages. Maybe some Q&D scripts.
>There is a ton of excellent language books.
>I have downloaded and installed 2.7.2 and got it working by pasting samples 
>into IDLE, and uploading to my web server and doing trial CGI samples. 
>So far, so good.
>I would like some advice on:
>  1. IDEs
>  2. GUI tools, tkinter and others
>  3. An integrated web server package for Win Vista for testing web apps 
>deploying. Uploading to my ISP to run is a PIA. I've installed VertrigoServ to 
>try, but am chasing my tail around the Apache configuration.
>      Is there something easier?
>Just pointers to get me started would be fine.
>More info.I will be migrating data base apps from MSAccess 2000. I know, I 
>know, but it was free on my original Win 95 PC.
>I've been programming for 50 years and have had to learn (and unlearn) a lot, 
>and I'm eager to learn new stuff.

Thanks to all those who replied.

I am using Notepad++ and WampServer. My hosting service is 
Apache/phpMyAdmin/MySQL and I decided it was best to use the same on my Windoze 
development system.

Right now I'm revising my site HTML (much of it is 15 yrs old!). Later it will 
be upgraded to use server-side scripts. Perhaps then I'll look at Django, 
Cherrpy; etc.


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