open office in another language?

Wolfgang Keller feliphil at
Fri Jan 13 11:22:55 EST 2012

> I'm a somewhat-satisfied user. I mean it works, but if
> it weren't in Java I'd be doing some of my own tweaking. But since
> it's in Java I stay away... no likey.

OpenOffice (now LibreOffice, btw.) is not implemented in Java, if that's
what you mean.

It _is_ scriptable in Python, however there doesn't seem to be any
documentation available. Ask on the Libreoffice-users list.

> Has there been any talk of doing another similar office suite, or
> maybe just writer + spreadsheet, in a better language eg python?

You wouldn't implement "Office"-style software entirely in Python.

Other FOSS "Office"-style software apart from LibreOffice is, e.g.
Abiword and GNUmeric. Both are scriptable in Python as well, iirc.

And, of course, there's LyX (also scriptable in Python), which I do
prefer a L-O-T over "word processor" applications for writing. And there
is Pyspread.



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