ERROR:root:code for hash md5 was not found

Michael Torrie torriem at
Fri Jan 13 11:49:35 EST 2012

On 01/13/2012 07:14 AM, mike wrote:
> pysibelius is a lib that we use.
> I am not sure that is the problem since the python program works on
> SuSE but not on RH server. And AFAIK
> the only difference ( well that I can see) is the OpenSSL version.
> According to code it uses openssl:
> <built-in function openssl_md5>
> So I need to find a way to convince the linux sys admin to install
> same version of openssl on both servers.

Unfortunately that's going to be fairly difficult, as they would have to
install a new version of openssl alongside the existing system version,
which you can't just replace.  Or it might be possible to copy the
openssl libraries from SuSE over.  Either way you will have to use the
LD_LIBRARY_PATH or the LD_LIBRARY_PRELOAD environment variables to get
PySibelius to load that version instead of the system one.

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