Zealotry [was Re: how to install lxml in window xp?]

Tamer Higazi th982a at googlemail.com
Fri Jan 13 15:07:13 EST 2012

dear people!
I have just opened my MTU client, and figured out that through my
comment, i caused a complete NONSENSE discussion at all.

1. I am not a zealot or whatever. I code on Linux and port it on MAC and
WINDOWS. I do write solutions for customers across the whole 3 platform,
and mostly I succeed because I have to figure out in advance which
software (packages) are being supported and how far.

2. There are many open source projects out (don't ask where, look for
yourself, you are old enough!) as well commercial software vendors who
don't offer their products, or give support for Windows XP.

3. All of you know, that windows xp is by Microsoft not anymore
supported. Neither with Security Updated, Enhancements with Software,
SDK or whatever. and not only XP, also Win95,98,ME, and 2000
Professional (not the server editions).

4. Of course any OS has it's advantages and disadvantages. Gentoo is a
rolling distribution, when it's set up it works nicely. Of course, you
have to invest a lot of effort to get in what doesn't mean that Debian
and Ubuntu, and the others are worse.

Those who want to get packages maintained by others and love to get the
System to run quickly is very good with the other distributions, and
coding on those platforms make fun too.

>From my personal point of view, I will never set up a gentoo machine as
a server in a datacenter, I would rather use BSD Unix. But this is
something that personally everybody has to decide for him/herself.

Now, I hope that I put a line under this discussions and beg the kids
between the age of 18 - 24 who are really impulsive to fire around with
the guns on others to stop this nonsense thread.

That doesn't leave a nice picture in the community.

PS: However, I will read the next mails in the list according this
subject but I will stop commenting it, because it's getting for me too


Am 13.01.2012 16:32, schrieb John Gordon:
> In <4f0fbad0$0$29984$c3e8da3$5496439d at news.astraweb.com> Steven D'Aprano <steve+comp.lang.python at pearwood.info> writes:
>> Why is it that only Linux and Mac users are accused of being "zealots"? 
> Perhaps because Windows, being in a position of market dominance, doesn't
> *need* zealots.

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