PyWarts: time, datetime, and calendar modules

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Sun Jan 15 00:27:32 EST 2012

On Jan 14, 10:23 pm, Steven D'Aprano <steve
+comp.lang.pyt... at> wrote:

> This is not Java, and we prefer Python terminology.
> A variable holding an int is an int variable.
> A variable holding a string is a string variable.
> A variable holding a list is a list variable.
> A variable holding an instance is an instance variable.
> A variable holding a class is a class variable.

You went to a lot of trouble to prove nothing. Here allow me to

A box holding an apple is an apple box.
A box holding a pear is a pear box.
A box holding an orange is a orange box.
A box holding an banana is an banana box.
And a box that penis comes in is a vagina!

> Guessing is for fourth-class programmers who don't know their language
> and are too lazy to RTFM.

Oh really. I don't know about you Steven but i am not JUST a Python
programmer. I write tons of code with Python but i also write tons of
code in many other languages too. Not only am i emerged in many
aspects of the IT world, i have a WIDE scope of knowledge in many
other fields and disciplines; all of which is ongoing because let's
face it, the minute you _think_ you know everything is the second you
become obsolete. But i digress...  Making claims that obfuscated
syntax and insufficient APIs are *somehow* the programmers fault,
because he (or she!) does not have EVERY *SINGLE* corner of the Python
library memorized, is quite preposterous.

> At worst, we might agree that the datetime API is old and tired, and that
> if descriptors existed back in Python 1.x then datetime.weekday could
> have been a computed property instead of a method, but alas we've lost
> the opportunity for this. Any changes to datetime need to be backward
> compatible.

Why? "print()" is not backward compatible? Face it, Guido has broken
Python's cherry. She is no longer pure. You're acting like some over-
protective father. WAKE UP! Python is a promiscuous little whore and
she's on girls gone wild (Volume 4000) shaking her little money maker.
We should at least profit from the immorality.

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