First python project : Tuner

Jérôme jerome at
Thu Jan 19 05:44:55 EST 2012

Tue, 17 Jan 2012 15:16:01 +0100
Jérôme a écrit:

> Hi all.
> Like others before me, I'd like to show you my first python attempt, in the
> hope in can get advices on how to improve my coding.


Thank you for your useful advices.

- I tried to clarify the dependencies of my program by adding 
  "PyGObject (python-gi)."
  I believe PyGObject is the name, but python-gi being the name of the debian
  package (and possibly other distros' package, I didn't check), I assumed it
  would be more helpful.

- Frequency is now displayed on the main window under each key (it was already
  displayed in the selector widget)

- Pylint helped me improve a bit. Mostly conventions. And it still yields
  what I believe are false-positives. I didn't try to configure it not to.
  Thanks for telling me about Pylint. This tool is helpful.

- I also corrected the "is" misuse as "==".

- Most importantly, new 2.1 version comes with an absolutely pure french-free
  english-only screenshot, for your convenience.


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