subprocess module and long-lived subprocesses

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Fri Jan 20 10:28:57 EST 2012

On 12-01-20 09:42 AM, skip at wrote:
> I'm converting some os.popen calls to use subprocess.Popen.  I had
> previously been ignoring stdout and stderr when using os.popen.  The primary
> motivation to switch to subprocess.Popen now is that I now want to check
> stderr, so would have to make code changes to use os.popen[34] anyway.
> Might as well go whole hog and switch to the new API.
> The library documentation doesn't talk a lot about long-lived subprocesses
> other than the possibility of deadlock when using Popen.wait().  Ideally, I
> would write to the subprocess's stdin, check for output on stdout and
> stderr, then lather, rinse, repeat.  Is it safe to assume that if the stdout
> and/or stderr pipes have nothing for me the reads on those file objects (I'm
> using PIPE for all three std* files) will return immediately with an empty
> string for output?  They won't block, will they?  Will a broken pipe IOError
> get raised as for os.popen() or do I have to call Popen.poll() even in error
> situations?
> Thanks,
Definitely *will* block, you have to explicitly set them non-blocking to
have non-blocking behaviour:

def set_nb( fh ):
    """Set non-blocking flag on given file handle"""
    if isinstance( fh, int ) or hasattr( fh, 'fileno' ):
        flags = fcntl.fcntl(fh, fcntl.F_GETFL)
        fcntl.fcntl(fh, fcntl.F_SETFL, flags| os.O_NONBLOCK)

on each of the 3 buffers, then you need to attempt read/write on each of
them periodically, catching the EWOULDBLOCK errors, to prevent deadlocks
where the buffers have filled up (e.g. because the subprocess is
printing out errors on stderr, or because it is generating output, or
because for some reason the process isn't reading your input fast
enough).  I think everyone winds up with their own wrapper around
subprocess after they use it for more than a short period...


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