Splitting a file from specific column content

Roy Smith roy at panix.com
Sun Jan 22 14:37:29 EST 2012

On Jan 22, 2012, at 2:34 PM, Tim Chase wrote:

> On 01/22/12 13:26, Roy Smith wrote:
>>> If you wanted to do it in one pass using standard unix
>>> tools, you can use:
>>> sed -n -e'/^[0-2]/w first-three.txt' -e'/^[34]/w
>>> next-two.txt' -e'/^[5-7]/w next-three.txt'
>> I stand humbled.
> In all likelyhood, you stand *younger*, not so much humbled ;-)

Oh, yeah?  That must explain my grey hair and bifocals.   I go back to Unix v6 in 1977.  Humbled it is.

Roy Smith
roy at panix.com

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