Trouble with internationalized path under windows

Michael Torrie torriem at
Sun Jan 22 19:47:42 EST 2012

On 01/22/2012 01:52 PM, Rick Johnson wrote:
> On Jan 22, 2:08 pm, Jacob Hallén <jacob.hal... at> wrote:
>> If I store these two files  in say C:\Users\Admin\test everything works fine.
>> If I store them in C:\Users\Admin\testф, I get an import error when running
>> The letter at the end of test is a Russian "F", if it looks strange on
>> your terminal.
> If *only* i had a penny for every problem that Unicode caused... maybe
> i could i buy a 76,000 sqft mansion, because, people should not be
> forced to sleep in the same room twice!
> Unicode is just another Utopian nightmare. When will the lemmings
> realize that character encoding IS NOT the root of the problem? You
> will NEVER find the holy grail of encodings that will solve the
> collaborative issue because the PROBLEM is multiplicity! Self induced!

Um, face palm.  I'm so embarrassed for you Rick.  The problem appears
not be with programming or handling character sets or anything like
that.  Then you go on to say let's stick to English?  Just wow.  At
least you are being entertaining for now.

I once argued to limit Python identifiers to latin letters only, but at
least that made some sort of sense (lowest-common denominator) and it
had nothing to do with running in an internationalized environment or
dealing with unicode or utf-8 -encoded text files.

The OP's problem definitely sounds like a Python bug on Windows to me.
I've never had similar problems on other internationalized OS's like
Linux or OS X.

How can you be Python's savior when you want to discount out of hand at
least have of Python's users?

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