Trouble with internationalized path under windows

Rick Johnson rantingrickjohnson at
Sun Jan 22 20:49:36 EST 2012

On Jan 22, 6:47 pm, Michael Torrie <torr... at> wrote:
> I once argued to limit Python identifiers to latin letters only, but at
> least that made some sort of sense (lowest-common denominator) and it
> had nothing to do with running in an internationalized environment or
> dealing with unicode or utf-8 -encoded text files.
> [...]
> How can you be Python's savior when you want to discount out of hand at
> least [half] of Python's users?

I don't want to limit ANYONE's usage of Python, quite the contrary. My
crusade against Unicode is to the benefit of all peoples of this
planet. Actually my crusade is even greater than Unicode itself. It's
a crusade for unity. The problem with humans is that we just simply
accept most things too easily. We never stop to ask ourselves "why"?

<tangential meanderings>
Did you know that when a driver's car breaks down on a lonely county
road he has a significantly higher chance of receiving help from
passers-by than a driver broke down on a busy highway? Why does this
happen? I'll tell you why -- and it's not because "country folk" are
more helpful than "city folk".

The reason is blind acceptance. The reason is lack of

Many of the folks who drive by on the major freeway want to stop and
help, but they don't because they convince themselves that since SO
MANY folks are driving by, surely *somebody* will stop and help. Well,
the problem is, everyone imagines the same outcome and the poor sap
broke down on the interstate NEVER receives any help.
</tangential meanderings>

The fact is, Unicode is nothing more than a monkey patch for language
multiplicity. A multiplicity that is perpetuated on the masses due to
a blind adherence to the cult of xenophobia. My mission is plant seeds
of inquisitiveness in the minds of these people. To help them
understand that they do not need to suffer the under the pain of
multiplicity any longer. And finally, to help them understand that we
must destroy multiplicity before we can evolve to the next level.

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