Installing Python on CentOS 6 - a big pain

Benedict Verheyen benedict.verheyen at
Mon Jan 23 07:42:08 EST 2012

On 20/01/2012 12:42, Anssi Saari wrote:
> Benedict Verheyen <benedict.verheyen at> writes:
>> If i need to install a new version of Python, as I happen to have done today,
>> I only need to do step 4. Which is maybe 5 minutes of work.
> I don't really understand why you compile these common libraries (zlib,
> ncurses, readline) yourself instead of using the relevant libraries
> provided by your Debian system? Is it just that you didn't *know* Debian
> puts parts needed for compilation in separate packages so you'd need to
> install those first?

I know Debian puts them in separate packages dev libraries,  I was merely interested
in building them myself, as it isn't really a pain to do so.
I hadn't previously messed about a lot with compiling packages and I wanted to try it out
for Python.


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