Determining version of OpenSSL linked against python?

Anssi Saari as at
Wed Jan 25 16:21:36 EST 2012

Adam Mercer <ramercer at> writes:

> Can anyone offer any suggestions as to what is going wrong with the
> above code or offer an alternative way of determining the OpenSSl
> version using python-2.6?

I suppose you could use ctypes to load the library and call SSLeay()
which returns the OpenSSL version number as a C long.

Like this:

from ctypes import *
libssl = cdll.LoadLibrary("")
openssl_version = libssl.SSLeay()
print "%.9X" % openssl_version

This gives me 0009080FF which corresponds to 0.9.8o release which is
what I have installed in Debian Squeeze.

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