The devolution of English language and slothful c.l.p behaviors exposed!

Rick Johnson rantingrickjohnson at
Wed Jan 25 20:34:34 EST 2012

On Jan 25, 6:28 pm, Jugurtha Hadjar <jugurtha.had... at> wrote:

> I am sincerely sorry if my English offends some purists, but I
> am making efforts to write correctly, and making mistakes to learn. To
> learn this and many other things...

Hello Jugurtha,

You English does not offend me. i want you to realize that i am not
directing my complaints towards anyone who speaks English as a second
language. The many problems with the English language are manifesting
themselves internally. We are drilling holes in the bottom our own
wooden ships and then becoming confused when they fill with water. The
lemmings are full speed towards the precipice.

Given your rich knowledge of so many languages, I would very much like
you to weigh in on the superfluous usage of words like "pretty", the
bogus transformations of contextual meaning, and the other perversions
you have burdened you whist learning this language.

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