First python project : Tuner

Jérôme jerome at
Thu Jan 26 13:39:34 EST 2012

Fri, 20 Jan 2012 12:13:30 +0200
Anssi Saari a écrit:

> Jérôme <jerome at> writes:
> > - I tried to clarify the dependencies of my program by adding 
> >   "PyGObject (python-gi)."
> >   I believe PyGObject is the name, but python-gi being the name of the
> > debian package (and possibly other distros' package, I didn't check), I
> > assumed it would be more helpful.
> You might mention that Debian Stable (Squeeze) doesn't have a new enough
> PyGObject to run your code. There's no package python-gi and the version
> of python-gobject is 2.21.4+is.2.21.3-1. 

Thanks for telling me.

I've got the feeling that my move to Gtk3 was a bit too early.

Two reasons I decided to switch to pygobject :

* The advice on : "New users wishing to develop Python applications
  using GTK+ are recommended to use the GObject-Introspection features
  available in PyGObject."

* The fact that glade, that I wanted to use as well, now (from version 3.10)
  only supports GTK3 (or so I understand).

The documentation is not as prolific as for pyGTK, to say the least. points to

* A tutorial (work in progress) :

* A partial doc I don't really use :

* A few examples :

And as far as I heard, porting such applications to windows is not easy

I would think it twice if I had to start a new project.


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