Where to put data

Michael Torrie torriem at gmail.com
Thu Jan 26 22:20:24 EST 2012

On 01/26/2012 09:30 AM, bvdp wrote:
> Yes. I agree and it's nice to have a confirmation. So far I've been
> putting all my program into /usr/local/share/MYPROGRAM and then
> simply inserting an entry into sys.path.
> Then, for other systems, I check a few common locations until I find
> the installation.
> I'm getting mangled by the debian maintainers and friends who seem to
> believe that python modules need to go into /usr/lib/python...

I guess the maintainers aren't distinguishing between python apps and
their submodules and general python modules (libraries), which is pretty
silly.  Even as a mere user I would not like my /usr/lib/python
directory cluttered with python code that is not useful generally but is
only for specific apps.  Namespace collisions are inevitable with other
python apps (not libraries) if folks insist on doing this.

Calibre appears to be in the Ubuntu standard repositories.  I just
checked and in calibre proper (not talking about dependent libraries and
things that would be useful outside of calibre), there are no python
files installed in /usr/lib/python/.  Calibre modules that belong to
calibre proper are in /usr/lib/calibre.  Recipes (really just python
scripts) are in /usr/share/calibre.  Maybe Ubuntu is doing things
differently than Debian, but I'm hard pressed to see the logic in
forcing everything ever written in python, such as submodules, installed
to /usr/lib/python.  Baffles the mind.

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