How do I call super() in c extention ?

YASUDA Hideyuki umedoblock at
Sat Jan 28 02:17:38 EST 2012

 > Have you considered using Cython for this?

No. I hadn't known Cython.
Now, I'll try to use Cython.



(-28163年01月-9日 04:59), Stefan Behnel wrote:
> umedoblock, 27.01.2012 03:03:
>> I'd like to call super() in c extension.
>> I'd like to rewrite class Baa as c extension.
> Have you considered using Cython for this? It will allow you to do exactly
> that with only minor changes to your Python code (if any). And it's quite
> likely that the C code that it generates from your Python code will be more
> efficient than what you'd write manually. Certainly more readable and
> maintainable.
> Stefan

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