PyPI - how do you pronounce it?

Stefan Behnel stefan_ml at
Sat Jan 28 03:51:10 EST 2012

Chris Angelico, 28.01.2012 08:48:
> Hopefully this will be a step up from Rick's threads in usefulness,
> but I'm aware it's not of particularly great value!
> How do you pronounce PyPI? Is it:
> * Pie-Pie?

I consider this taken by PyPy, and I tend to run into the trap of
pronouncing both the same in close sentences, which then usually results in
an explanation what I actually meant.

> * Pie-Pip, but without the last p? (same as above but short i)
> * Pie-Pea-Eye?
> * Something else?

I've heard people call it "Pippi", as in "long stocking". Makes sense to
me, but maybe that's because of my early German TV education ("Ich mach mir
die Welt, widewide wie sie mir gefällt" - basically, PyPI gives you the
tools to make your world the way you want it, including horses, monkeys, ...).,_Pippi_Langstrumpf

Looks like the original song text is by Astrid Lindgren, but only the
German translation creates the necessary link to something like PyPI.

> I've been saying Pie-Pea-Eye myself, but am wondering what the most
> normal pronunciation is. And am fully prepared for the possibility
> that there is no one "most normal"!

I think a more obvious way to call it would be "cheeseshop", but since that
was tried and rejected, I'm all for making it "Pippi" officially.


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