when "normal" parallel computations in CPython will be implemented at last?

Stefan Behnel stefan_ml at behnel.de
Mon Jul 2 20:37:01 CEST 2012

Dan Stromberg, 01.07.2012 21:28:
> On Sun, Jul 1, 2012 at 11:58 AM, Thomas Jollans wrote:
>> On 07/01/2012 08:44 PM, Dan Stromberg wrote:
>>> IronPython, sadly, lacks a python standard library.
>> Beg pardon?
>> https://github.com/IronLanguages/main/tree/master/External.LCA_RESTRICTED/Languages/IronPython/27/Lib
> Perhaps things have changed.

Yes, they have. The original restriction came from Microsoft enforcing a
clean-room implementation for their code, which obviously excluded the
standard library - which is well tested and licence cleared and all that,
but nevertheless non-MS. When they dropped the IronPython project, it
became free to integrate with other software.

Clearly a cultural thing.


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