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Tue Jul 3 07:10:00 CEST 2012

On Jul 3, 7:25 am, John O'Hagan <resea... at> wrote:
> I agree to some extent, but as a counter-example, when I was a child there
> a subject called "Weights and Measures" which is now redundant because of the
> Metric system. I don't miss hogsheads and fathoms at all.
> Music is another field which could do with a "metrification": I get tired of
> explaining to beginners why there's no B#, except when it's C. Check out

You assume that equal temperament is the only way to have music.
Apart from the fact that there are non-tempered musics all over the
world, even Bach Mozart and Beethoven did not write for/to equal
temperament. In a pure/untempered C-scale A-flat is almost half a
semitone sharper than G-sharp -- 8/5 vs 25/16.

Similar for standardized languages: Python's indentation is nice --
except when you have to embed it into say, html

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