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Littlefield, Tyler tyler at
Wed Jul 4 07:39:20 CEST 2012

On 7/3/2012 10:55 PM, Simon Cropper wrote:
> Some questions to Tyler Littlefield, who started this thread.
> Q1 -- Did you get any constructive feedback on your code?

I did get some, which I appreciated. someone mentioned using PyLint. 
 From reading, I found it was really really pedantic, so I used PyFlakes 
> Q2 -- Did you feel that the process of submitting your code for review 
> met your expectation?

There wasn't much more to review, so yes. The info I got was helpful and 
farther than it was before I started.

> Q3 -- Would you recommend others doing this either on this forum or 
> other fora?
> It appears to me - third party watching the ongoing dialog - that the 
> tread has gone right off topic (some time ago) and someone should 
> really start a new thread under a new title/subject. Most of what I 
> have read does not appear to be discussing your code or how you could 
> improve your code.
I basically just stopped after a while. It got into a my language is 
better than your language, so I didn't see much constructive info. I've 
started reading from the bottom though, where it looks like it's back, 
and I do appreciate the rest of the info given, as well. Thanks again 
for the feedback.

> Following the last few posts, I was wondering whether some other 
> off-list dialog is going on or whether I am missing something.

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