PyPyODBC 0.6 released! (A Pure Python ODBC module)

江文 jiangwen365 at
Wed Jul 4 16:02:59 CEST 2012

PyPyODBC - A Pure Python ctypes ODBC module

Changes in version 0.6:
Added Cursor.commit() and Cursor.rollback(). It is now possible to use
only a cursor in your code instead of keeping track of a connection
and a cursor.

Added readonly keyword to connect. If set to True, SQLSetConnectAttr
SQL_ATTR_ACCESS_MODE is set to SQL_MODE_READ_ONLY. This may provide
better locking semantics or speed for some drivers.

    -    Pure Python, compatible with PyPy (tested on Win32)
    -    Almost totally same usage as pyodbc

You can simply try pypyodbc in your existing pyodbc powered script
with the following changes:

               #import pyodbc                        <-- Comment out
the original pyodbc importing line
               import pypyodbc as pyodbc     # Let pypyodbc "pretend" the pyodbc
               pyodbc.connect(...)                  # This is pypyodbc
pretending pyodbc! They have same APIs!


Demo Script:

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