Which way is best to execute a Python script in Excel?

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Thu Jul 5 09:26:33 CEST 2012

Le 05/07/2012 09:22, Maurizio Spadaccino a écrit :
> Hi all
> I'm new to Python but soon after a few days of studying its features I 
> find it my favourite mean of programming scripts to allow for data 
> storing and mining. My idea would be to inplement python scripts from 
> inside an excel sheet that would store and fetch data from a Mysql 
> database. So i need the script to be launched, say, by pressing a 
> button in excel and, for instance, retrieve immediately data from the 
> mysql table. For what I found in the net, it seems there are three 
> ways to control python from excel:
> 1) run my python script via shell using the Run command in VBA, which 
> seems to me the easiest (but maybe slower?) way;
> 2) creating a COM server, for which I need more training since it 
> doesnt appear that easy;
> 3) via Microsoft Script Control, for which I saw some example around 
> where It looks like I can 'simulate' a python shell via the 
> 'executeStatement' command.
> What would you suggest would be the more performing way to achieve my 
> goals as described above?
> Thanks for you help
> Maurizio
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Look at PyUNO from OpenOffice very large API:

I use to create all my documention (Excell, Writer, etc...) on this API.


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