OAuth 2.0 implementation

Demian Brecht demianbrecht at gmail.com
Fri Jul 6 20:49:55 CEST 2012

No worries, thanks for the request.

Unfortunately AFAIK (according to the OAuth provider list on Wikipedia),
both Twitter and LinkedIn still use OAuth 1.0a, so until they hop on the
OAuth 2.0 bandwagon, they won't be added.

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On Sat, Jul 7, 2012 at 1:38 AM, Demian Brecht <demianbrecht at gmail.com>
> Supported provider list (with example code) is now:
> * Facebook
> * Google
> * Foursquare
> * bitly
> * GitHub
> * StackExchange
> * Instagram
> Other providers may also be supported out of the box, but have been
untested thus far.

Looking good. Keep adding more to the list!

I'd especially be interesting in seeing the 3-phase Twitter and LinkedIn
auths added to the list.

Also I'll be extending it a little more at some point to make it
"friendlier" :P

Thanks for merging my last pull-request,

Alec Taylor

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