Which way is best to execute a Python script in Excel?

Thomas Jollans t at jollybox.de
Sat Jul 7 11:38:10 CEST 2012

On 07/07/2012 11:05 AM, Maurizio Spadaccino wrote:
> Thanks again Emile, I'll try out some examples. I found this one: http://showmedo.com/videotutorials/video?name=2190050&fromSeriesID=219
> quite enlightning. 
> One last doubt is: say the python code gets used by more Excel Users (different pc), can I include in some way a dinamic generation of the id in order to allow each pc to register is own COM server or do I have to hard code the id on each machine specifically?

It sounds like you're misunderstanding what's going on: COM is not
network transparent by nature. Separate PCs are completely separate
unless you explicitly create a connection.

Apart from that, it looks like this is a UUID. See

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