Socket code not executing properly in a thread (Windows)

John Nagle nagle at
Sat Jul 7 21:17:00 CEST 2012

On 7/8/2012 3:55 AM, Andrew D'Angelo wrote:
> Hi, I've been writing an IRC chatbot that an relay messages it receives as
> an SMS.

    We have no idea what IRC module you're using.

> As it stands, I can retrieve and parse SMSs from Google Voice perfectly

    The Google Voice code you have probably won't work once you have
enough messages stored that Google Voice returns them on multiple
pages.  You have to read all the pages.  If there's any significant
amount of traffic, the completed messages have to be moved or deleted,
or each polling cycle returns more data than the last one.

    Google Voice isn't a very good SMS gateway.  I used to use it,
but switched to Twilio (which costs, but works) two years ago.

				John Nagle

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