Socket code not executing properly in a thread (Windows)

Andrew D'Angelo excel at
Sun Jul 8 11:03:40 CEST 2012

"John Nagle" <nagle at> wrote in message 
news:jta1v7$v0b$1 at

>    We have no idea what IRC module you're using.

I am sending plain text to the socket, sorry for not mentioning it before.
At the simplest level, it appears that when the code runs in Windows, data 
is not sent to a socket when inside a thread, while on OS X it is.
Also, running the sned to socket code inside the main loop would not work, 
as the main loop pauses until it recieves data from the socket (an IRC 
message), which is why I didn't put the SMS code in the main loop in the 
first place.

> The Google Voice code you have probably won't work once you have
> enough messages stored that Google Voice returns them on multiple
> pages.

I know that this is not the problem because the code works fine on OS X, but 
not Windows, where I actually need it to run. In addition, each message is 
deleted as it is parsed and no other SMSs are sent to the number, so fill-up 
should not be a problem. 

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