Deditor 0.4.0

Jean-Michel Pichavant jeanmichel at
Mon Jul 9 13:05:58 CEST 2012

Kruptein wrote:
> Hey I released a new version of my python-focused text-editor.
> you can download it at
> What is it?
> Deditor is aimed to be a text-editor which can be used as a basic text-editor as gedit or with the right plugins become a full-feature ide.
> I focus on making it a python specific editor but you can use it to edit other files as well.
> It is python specific because the plugin system that is used (DPlug) is written in python and thus all plugins are written in python.  Also some of the plugins there is one plugin that comes bundled with deditor that adds some python specific features like code-analyzing, code-inspection, auto-completion etc.
> So plugins are the main core of the program you can disable and enable plugins at your will.  The plugins that come bundled are made to increase the joy of programming.
> NOTICE that this I don't regard this as a stable product yet.  There is no high risk in data loss and there are definitely no privacy concerns but you should still be aware that there are bugs/malfunctions and that you will encounter them.
> I hope some of you like it and if you don't try to give some constructive criticism :)
> Most changes in regard to previous release are under the hood.  so existing users might not notice a lot.
> Also the customize plugin's second configuration tab: syntax highlighting is bugged try to avoid it :p
Good job.

I have 2 question:
Aren't you reinventing the wheel ?
No way to use tabs for tabulation ??? (I'm CEO of the 'space haters club')

Otherwise, I found this bug :
Start the editor, click twice on 'Analyse code', and you'll get a traceback.
I looked into the related code:

def dUpdate(self, trig, value=None):
    if trig == "tabclosed":
        return self.tabClosed(value)

def tabClosed(self, tab):
    """Checks if the tab that is closing is a project"""
        if tab.parentTab == None:

Your method interfaces are quite inconsistent, I sense this is quite 
global to your code:

1/ dUpdate has None as default value for 'value'
2/ tab.parentTab will fail if tab is None
3/ on the traceback you get from the bug above, a bool has been given, 
bool has no parentTab.

Here are 2 advices:

1/ Default values are for the fool/weak/noob/..., your pick. I tend to 
use them only for backward compatibilty or for interface stability. 
Otherwise, it's better not to use them. Some people still use them 
appropriately but in your I think it may help.

2/ In your docstrings, note down the expected type of your parameters 
(only 1 type ! (except for the None alternative)) and stick to it.



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