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> On Tuesday, 30 October 2007 21:24:04 UTC+2, Tim Chase  wrote:

> > - more detailed questions about the std. libraries (such as
> >    datetime/email/csv/zipfile/networking/optparse/unittest)

You need to be careful when you ask questions like this.  I would expect 
somebody to be aware of those and have a high-level understanding of 
what they do, but certainly not remember the details of the exact syntax 
and argument order.  Even with stuff I use everyday (like unittest and 
datetime), I have a browser open to the reference manual most of the 

> > - questions about PDB

Heh.  I would answer that with, "Python Debugger?  I've never used it".

> > Python History:
> > ===============
> > - decorators added in which version?
> > 
> > - "batteries included" SQL-capible DB in which version?
> > 
> > - the difference between "class Foo" and "class Foo(object)"
> > 
> > - questions from "import this" about pythonic code

With the exception of the question about new-style classes, these are 
silly questions.  I was around when both decorators and sqlite3 were 
added.  I couldn't possible tell you when to any precision better than 
"2 dot something".  As for the zen of python, it's cute, and a piece of 
python folklore, but hardly an essential part of being a good python p

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