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On 09Jul2012 11:44, Rick Johnson <rantingrickjohnson at> wrote:
| On Jul 9, 12:40 pm, Tim Chase <python.l... at> wrote:
| > The second[or higher]-order
| > ignorance of not knowing what pdb is (or, if you need more powerful
| > debugging, how to do it) is sign the person hasn't been programming
| > in Python much.
| So guru knowledge of pdb is prerequisite to being accepted as a
| Pythonista? I find that ridiculous since *real* programmers don't use
| debuggers anyway.

You've misread him. He's saying not knowing what PDB is and what it may
be used for is a sign of low experience. Whether one uses it or not
isn't what he's measuring, it's whether one knows what it is for and how
it may be used.

| > [...]  I've seen enough Java-written-in-Python to know what
| > I don't want :-)
| I know you are a member of the group who has an aversion to strict OOP
| paradigm but is this a justified aversion, or just fear of OOP due to
| static evolution? Look, i don't like java's strict approach either,
| however, i do not have an aversion to OOP.

More misreading. "Java-written-in-Python" (and its variants) means non-python
code written in python, in this case from someone with a strong (or
rigid) Java background who is not adept with Python idioms. It has
nothing to do with OOP one way or the other. Surely we've all seen
(and doubtless written) clumsy python code; this is an example.

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