Python Interview Questions

Christian Heimes lists at
Tue Jul 10 01:33:06 CEST 2012

Am 09.07.2012 23:22, schrieb Peter:
> One of my favourite questions when interviewing - and it was 100% reliable :-) - "what are your hobbies?"
> If the answer included programming then they were hired, if not, then they went to the "B" list.

on the contrary! When a potential candidate has computer stuff as her
main hobby then she goes on the no-hire list. I prefer people that can
cope with stress and pressure as well as people who can think outside
the box. When you work with computers all day at work *and* at home then
you are unable to shut off mentally.

Gardening is great hobbies for a developer. You need to be patient,
reliable and provide constantly good work to grow your own vegetables.


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