Python Interview Questions

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Tue Jul 10 01:40:18 CEST 2012

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 Christian Heimes <lists at> wrote:

> Am 09.07.2012 23:22, schrieb Peter:
> > One of my favourite questions when interviewing - and it was 100% reliable 
> > :-) - "what are your hobbies?"
> > 
> > If the answer included programming then they were hired, if not, then they 
> > went to the "B" list.
> on the contrary! When a potential candidate has computer stuff as her
> main hobby then she goes on the no-hire list.

I think this points out the silliness of these kinds of questions.  
There is no "right" answer.  More to the point, the interviewee, when 
he/she gets one of these questions, probably goes into hyper-analysis 
mode: "Now, just what did he mean by that question?"  He's likely to 
give the answer he thinks you want to hear.

Do you really want to make hire/no-hire decisions based on somebody's 
ability to second-guess what you probably wanted to hear when you asked 
a pointless question?

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