ANN: PollyReports 1.5 -- Band-oriented PDF Report Generator

Simon Cropper simoncropper at
Thu Jul 12 02:41:52 CEST 2012

On 12/07/12 00:06, Chris Gonnerman wrote:
> I've held off announcing this until I was sure it was really stable;
> it's been 19 days since I made the last change to it, so here goes.
> PollyReports is my Python module for report generation. It is designed
> to be, quite literally, the "simplest thing that can possibly work" in
> the field of PDF generation from a database record set.  There is a
> somewhat vague resemblance to GeraldoReports; I had problems with
> Geraldo's pagination which led me to develop PollyReports in a brief
> flurry of intense activity.
> It's on PyPI:
> and on Github:
> and I have a blog where I talk about it (like anyone cares):

"I've noticed that acceptance of a new software module or package for 
developers in the Open Source/Free Software world is greatly affected by 
the availability of a good tutorial. I mean, it seems obvious, doesn't 
it? But I've also noticed that the original author of a project rarely 
writes a good tutorial."

Well I thought it was a good tutorial. It certainly empowers me with 
enough confidence to give it a try.

That said... with more than a passing interest in software and content 
licensing I looked at how the work was licensed. A none-standard license 
like this makes most people stop and think "will this be a problem if I 
use this in my work?" How compatible is your license with the main 
software licenses currently available?

Cheers Simon

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