ANN: PollyReports 1.5 -- Band-oriented PDF Report Generator

Chris Gonnerman chris at
Thu Jul 12 16:10:21 CEST 2012

Wow, I posted this on Github weeks ago, and got no feedback; put it on 
PyPI at the same time, with the same results; but one day on the Python 
list and I have lots of excellent feedback.

I've just posted PollyReports 1.5.1, with no operational changes. The 
package includes a corrected file as well as corrected 
sample*.py files with "right = 1" changed to "align = 'right'".  The 
license information has been revised to include the text "BSD 2-Clause 
License" so that no one has to think about whether or not it's actually 
a BSD license.

If you downloaded the previous version, you don't really need the new 
one unless you're going through the tutorial.


-- Chris.

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