syntax error message

MRAB python at
Thu Jul 12 20:17:33 CEST 2012

On 12/07/2012 18:48, John Magness wrote:
> Using Python 3.2.3
> In shell I made a simple program; dog=2,cat=3,cow=dog+cat
> Entered cow and received 5 as answer
> Saved-as in a user folder
> Went to folder and select "edit with shell" for that file
> displayed, clicked save, run and then run module to activate
> program
> got message in box "syntax error" and after I clicked OK the #2 in the
> heading Python 3.2.3 was high-lighted
>   in red and the "or" and "for" words were changed to red letters and
> program seems to be text only.
> In other words, I am not able to re-use or change the program
> Help needed.
> John, a beginner
You were entering it in interactive mode. When you saved it as
"" what you actually saved was all of the prompts and the
output, which isn't a valid program (it has lots of other bits mixed in
with it).

If you click File->New Window you will get an empty window into which
you can type your program.

You can just open the file and then edit it to remove the unwanted bits.

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