Python and Qt4 Designer

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Sat Jul 14 19:13:06 CEST 2012

On Jul 14, 7:45 pm, Michael Torrie <torr... at> wrote:
> On 07/13/2012 03:12 PM, Jean Dubois wrote:
> > Thanks for the extra docu references
> In this day and age, I think compiling ui files to code is probably on
> the way out.  Instead you should consider using the ui files directly in
> your code.  This has the advantage of letting you change the gui
> somewhat without having to recompile all the time.
> Here is are some links that gives one way of loading and parsing the ui
> file directly:

I looked at the second link and find code like this:

    app = None
    if ( not app ):
        app = QtGui.QApplication([])

Maybe I'm dense but whats that if doing there?

Frankly I seem to be a bit jinxed with gui stuff.  A few days ago
someone was singing the praises of some new themed tk stuff. I could
not get the first two lines -- the imports -- to work and then gave up

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