Keeping the Console Open with IDLE

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Sun Jul 15 06:03:05 CEST 2012

On Thursday, February 19, 2009 10:06:42 PM UTC-6, W. eWatson wrote:
> I'm using IDLE for editing, but execute programs directly. If there are 
> execution or "compile" errors, the console closes before I can see what it 
> contains. How do I prevent that?

Q: If you are in fact using IDLE to edit your code file, then why not just "run" the files directly from the IDLE menu (Menu->Run->Run Module)? If you select this command, IDLE will display a shell window containing all the stdout and stderr messages. I think this would be the easiest approach for a neophyte administrator like yourself. See this tutorial for more info:

There are many methods of executing a python script. Using the IDLE "run" command is just one of them. Some others include:

1. Double clicking the file icon in a file browser
2. Typing the full path of the script into a windows Command Prompt. Considering i have a script in my "C drive" named "", i could type the command "C:\" to execute the script from a windows command prompt.

But my fingers don't need any exercise, so i just double click the icon or use the "run" command of my IDE. Done deal.

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