Google the video "9/11 Missing Links". 9/11 was a Jew Job!

Suzi Mrezutttii suziemrezitti at
Sun Jul 15 21:06:51 CEST 2012


After Jews created Israel illegally, Israel became the main base of
criminal operations for the most insane type of Jews called Zionists.
Israeli Jews murdered JFK in 1963 because JFK did not allow them to
have atomic bombs. Read the book "Final Judgment" by Michael Piper,
available online in pdf, also google for video presentation by author.
Since Americans let the Jews get away with JFK murder, just four years
later in 1967, Israeli Jews murdered 34 servicemen of American Navy,
and seriously wounded 174, when Jews tried repeatedly to sink the USS
Liberty and blame Egypt for it. Watch online the video interviews with
the actual survivors, then compare the facts to the lies spread by
Jews through their propaganda outlets like wikipedia. One interview
with a survivor should have been enough to turn all responsible Jews
and American Traitors into fertilizer within 24 hours. Since Americans
let Jews get away with JFK and USS Liberty murders, Israeli Jews
murdered 3000 Americans in 9/11, this time to make USA invade
Afghanistan/Iraq for Jews, and to enable Jews to impose their Jew Laws
(Jaws) like "Patriot Act". Watch online the video "9/11 Missing Links"
made in cooperation with contacts inside FBI, CIA, National Security
Agency, US Military, who are still loyal to USA. All Jews covered up
for Israeli Zionists, with the help from Traitors in Washington DC,
because all Jews always protect themselves as single Jew Tribe.

Jews are not the sweet/smart/suffering individuals as they present
themselves using their own Jew propaganda machines. Jews are full of
hate and suffer from a whole range of genetic mental diseases like
schizophrenia, paranoia, psychopathy, sexual perversions like
pedophilia/homosexuality/etc, and many others, that make them prone to
criminal/parasitic/corruptive behavior.

Banking Jews started their corruption of USA in 1913 with creation of
the Fed. The Great Depression of 1930's was the direct result of Jew
corruption. Jews used Great Depression as an opportunity to corrupt/
expand the federal government because parasites like Jews exploit host
organisms through central systems. After Hitler came to power in 1933
and removed Jews from all important positions, Germany experienced
unprecedented economic growth while the rest of the world controlled
by Jews suffered through Great Depression. Jews did not like this
precedent and immediately in 1933 Jews declared economic war on
Germany. Hitler invaded Poland in 1939 only because Poland was
infested with five million Jews who constantly were harassing Germany.
Jews used their media power to brainwash White Americans to fight
White Germans for Jews. All the official "history" has been written by
lying Jews and it should be called Jewstory instead of History.

Jews are not Whites but insane mongrels who hate Whites. Jews started
all the jokes about Whites like Dumb Blondes, Rednecks, Polish Jokes.
The sheeple merely parroted after the Jew media. Jews are the ones who
promote all those Blacks you see in the media, sports, schools, or
business. Jews constantly stir up conflicts between Whites and Blacks
by propagandizing the shootings of Blacks in order to take your
attention away from all Jew scams. Since 9/11 Jews intensified their
"Racism" tactics and their famous "Holocaust" tactics because more
Americans learn every day that Jews did 9/11. Jews know they are the
biggest Criminals on Earth, and that is why Jews manufactured the
"Holocaust" Scam where Jews masquerade as the biggest Victims on
Earth. Jews are Masters of biggest Lies and Deceptions.

Without their control of brainwashing media, Jews would be nothing
more than insane rats. Only Jew scams enabled many Jews to masquerade
with Ivy League diplomas, Nobel Prizes, Oscars. Jews run their college/
Awards scams like Wall Street or elections scams. Independent
investigations of all Ivy League colleges would show that most Jew
students are frauds with standardized tests taken by somebody else or
their test results falsified by corrupt admissions offices. The
biggest Jew Nobel Prize winner Einstein was a fraud and plagiarist.
All you know about famous Jew "scientists" is what Jews told you, the
same Jews who made you believe the "Manned Moon Landings" or "Man-Made
Global Warming". Jews never invented anything but Scams and Hoaxes.
Jews in Israel rank well below average in IQ scores among all nations.
Basically, Israel is a hellhole where tens of billions of dollars of
American taxpayers' money are wasted on worthless Jews each year.

Jews control the US Government illegally. The American democracy is a
myth. Most of "US Presidents" since 1913 were crypto Jews (FDR,
Eisenhower, LBJ, Obama with Jew mother) or Jew puppets. Recently, Jews
in US Congress imposed on Americans yet another Jew Law (Jaw) called
"National Defense Authorization Act" that threatens any American who
tries to defend The US Constitution with its Bill of Rights. However,
the ultimate power lies in the economies, now all mortally wounded by
Jews. Jews were too greedy by exporting all real American jobs and
forcing Americans to live on debt for too long. Once enough good
Americans reach poverty levels, the game will be over for Jews,
especially if their psychotic relatives in Israel pull another USS
Liberty or 9/11.

How can Jews control the US Government with such a small Jew
population? How can Jews amass so much wealth if Jews are not very
intelligent? In order to answer such questions you have to look at the
Big Picture painted for you by Mother Nature a long time ago. For
thousands of years, each society had a small parasitic ruling class
and a large working class needed to sustain the society. Mother Nature
created such a social order to facilitate the evolutionary process
because living conditions for humans were very tough. Mother Nature
knew that a ruling class does not have to be very intelligent because
any substantial intellect leads automatically to creativity needed
only by working class. Instead, Mother Nature developed our human
psychology in such a way that a ruling class could rule merely by
displaying symbols of power like ornamental clothes, big buildings,
rituals, propaganda, and so on. For this to work, a ruling class had
to be filled with psychopaths only smart enough to band together for
this scam to go on, and a working class had to be filled with
intelligent people busy with doing all the creative work. At least the
ruling and working classes were ethnically related until around 18th
century when the biggest parasitic psychopaths called Jews learned
enough about the game played by ruling classes. At that time, Jews
decided to have a piece of the ruling action for themselves by
creating central banks or starting revolutions.

Jews were around for thousands of years. Clearly, Mother Nature
created Jews on her bad hair day because Jews hated all non-Jews
including her best creations. This hatred made Jews the perfect tool
to exploit the weaknesses of both ruling and working classes of all
normal societies. By destroying the old social orders, Jews acted like
maggots decomposing dead animals. Mother Nature kept Jews around for
thousands of years because she needed them to change slowly the old
social orders. Otherwise, Mother Nature would abort Jews a long time
ago because Jews lack the intellect to create anything. Decomposition
of the old social orders was largely completed by Jews in early 20th
century, at least in the Western World. Since then, Jews have been
trying to become the ruling class for the whole world. Apparently,
Mother Nature now uses Jews to internationalize all societies in order
to speed up the evolution process because there are clear benefits in
global cooperation. However, Mother Nature is well aware that Jews are
useless beyond this point.

Jews corrupted all politics, economies, military, sciences, business,
medicine and healthcare, education, agriculture, and all others.
Through their insanity, Jews started two world wars and are about to
start the third one, Jews killed millions with their invention of
communism, Jews polluted the whole world with nuclear technologies,
Jews destroyed agriculture and food supplies with GMO crops, Jews
killed millions with the poisons produced by their pharmaceutical
companies, Jews imposed on societies their pedophilia and
homosexuality, Jews run the biggest crime networks including illegal
drugs and prostitution/pornography, and on and on.

The old ruling classes would not be able to do so much harm to the
working classes because there were many different societies with
different ruling classes and the classes within each society were
ethnically related. This means that fraudulent ruling classes could
last forever without the working classes ever waking up. However,
Mother Nature wants to make all psychopathic rulers extinct once they
served their purpose in Nature. Mankind cannot live forever while
locked in the old psychology addicted to psychopathic rulers, Jews or
non-Jews. That is why Mother Nature used the biggest parasitic
psychopaths Jews to force out the old parasitic ruling classes first,
and now Mother Nature is using the same Jews to exploit/harm the
working classes in order to initiate the next evolutionary step. Many
people are already ready to deal with the Jew problem. However, most
people still refuse to deal with it because they are still locked in
the old psychology developed by Mother Nature thousands of years ago.
The latter group of people will wake up at the latest when the
economies collapse.

Realize that Mother Nature made Jews screw up the attack on USS
Liberty so that the survivors could tell you the truth about the US
Government controlled by Jews. Mother Nature created the Internet for
you so that you can research all Scams and Hoaxes done by Jews. In
other words, Mother Nature realizes that it is time for you to change
and Jews have to go. Mother Nature keeps Jews around so that you can
see for yourself with your own eyes that something is wrong with you.
If Jews can get away with their "Manned Moon Landings" or their 9/11
controlled demolitions by merely using their brainwashing media then
it is time for you to CHANGE! Help Mother Nature by not watching any
Jew TV or movies! Help Mother Nature to change your own psychology.
Otherwise, Mother Nature will bring the change violently!

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