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hamilton hamilton at nothere.com
Mon Jul 16 20:36:18 CEST 2012

Thank you Fred.

I am new to python and am reviewing code I find online.

Some projects do have docs that spell out what its doing,
but many projects that I have download have just the code.

I have my own personal style to decypher C and C++ code.

But python is still foreign to me.


On 7/16/2012 11:02 AM, Sells, Fred wrote:
> You leave many relevant questions unanswered.
> 1. Is the original developer/team available or have you been left with
> the code and little or no doc's?
> 2. How big is big in terms of the number of files/modules in the
> project?
> 3. Is there a reasonable structure to the project in terms of
> directories and a meaningful hierarchy
> 4. Does the project currently work and you just have to maintain/enhance
> it or was it "abandoned" by the original team in an unknown state and
> you have to save a sinking ship?
> 5. Are you an experienced Python programmer or a beginner.
> 6. Is the original code "pythonic" (i.e. clean and simple with brief,
> well organized methods) or do you have functions over 50 lines of code
> with multiple nested control statements and meaningless variable names?
> 7. Is there any documentation that defines what it should do and how it
> should do it.  i.e. how do you know when it's working?
> These issues are not really Python specific, but if you've been given a
> "broken" project that has 200 poorly organized modules and little or no
> documentation and no access to the original team, a good first step
> would be to update your resume ;)
> OK then, let me ask, how do you guys learn/understand large projects ?
> hamilton
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