How to configure Tkinter Listbox to disable state keeping selected item highlighted

Sarbjit singh sarbjit1987 at
Tue Jul 17 15:55:21 CEST 2012

I am having a problem configuring a listbox widget such that the selection remains highlighted even while it is set (programmatically) to the DISABLED state. Below code shows the problem:

from Tkinter import *
master = Tk()
listbox = Listbox(master)
listbox.insert(END, "Text1")
listbox.insert(END, "Text2")
listbox.insert(END, "Text3")
listbox.selection_set(first=0, last=None)

Now when I change state to NORMAL, selected item is being highlighted. Is there a way I could disable widget (i.e. No response on mouse clicks) but keep the selected object remain highlighted?

Intent: I want to utilise this widget on wizard App that I am creating. I would like this widget to indicate the current page / wizard number which the user selected. Is there any other widget I could use instead of it? (Labels possibly?)

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