Encapsulation, inheritance and polymorphism

Chris Angelico rosuav at gmail.com
Tue Jul 17 20:01:02 CEST 2012

On Wed, Jul 18, 2012 at 12:23 AM, Lipska the Kat
<lipska at lipskathekat.com> wrote:
> Well 'type-bondage' is a strange way of thinking about compile time type
> checking and making code easier to read (and therefor debug) but
> I'm not about to get into some religious war about declaring a variables
> type.

There are options for that, but they aren't Python. (I'd like to see a
"from __future__ import variable_declarations", but it doesn't seem to
work. Yet.) If you're interested, I could tell you about a language
that has a lot of what you're looking for (including polymorphism and
even the ability to declare a variable that can contain "non-negative
integer" as a type), but it's off-topic for the forum. However, I
can't email you, as lipskathekat.com doesn't seem to exist... Email me
privately if you're interested, we can continue the discussion


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