Encapsulation, inheritance and polymorphism

Steven D'Aprano steve+comp.lang.python at pearwood.info
Thu Jul 19 03:14:35 CEST 2012

On Wed, 18 Jul 2012 15:48:28 +0100, Lipska the Kat wrote:

> On 18/07/12 15:34, Grant Edwards wrote:

>> Unless you're asking about the tabs vs. spaces argument.  In that case,
>> people who use 4 spaces per level are 'correct'; people who use a
>> different number of spaces are a bit less correct; people who use tabs
>> are wrong;
> hmm, I've been using tabs ... still, why use one key press when you can
> use 4 ;-).  

My editor lets me add four spaces with a single key press, and delete 
them again with another single key press.

Personally, I think tabs make more sense for indents than spaces, but for 
compatibility with others who are not as enlightened and insist on using 
broken tools that cannot deal with tabs, I have reluctantly standardised 
on spaces for indentation.


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