Need help connecting via a remote VPN

Dave Angel d at
Thu Jul 19 03:59:51 CEST 2012

On 07/18/2012 09:36 PM, The Coca Cola Kid wrote:
> I need to connect to a site/server that's only accessible after
> logging into a remote VPN, then scan a directory for a file pattern
> and then copy those files.  I know how to do the latter using glob,
> and I think I figured out how to connect to the VPN using win32ras and
> got a response that said "302 Found" but I'm not sure what to do after
> that.  Some people recommended using SSH or fabric.api modules, but I
> couldn't find any examples that applied to what I'm trying to do.

Starting a VPN simply makes it possible for IP packets to get to the
specified machine.  You still need to match some protocol that the
particular remote machine can handle.  SSH is probably the most common,
but there are lots of other possibilities, some standard and some
custom.  So the question is what does the remote machine (server)
support for file access?

glob will work if the server supports mounting the remote partition as a
file system.  But there are no guarantees that that's possible.  You
haven't even said what the two operating systems involved are, though I
can guess that the local machine is some version of Windows.



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