Need help connecting via a remote VPN

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Fri Jul 20 03:41:47 CEST 2012

"Dave Angel"  wrote in message 
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>Starting a VPN simply makes it possible for IP packets to get to the
>specified machine.  You still need to match some protocol that the
>particular remote machine can handle.  SSH is probably the most common,
>but there are lots of other possibilities, some standard and some
>custom.  So the question is what does the remote machine (server)
>support for file access?
>glob will work if the server supports mounting the remote partition as a
>file system.  But there are no guarantees that that's possible.  You
>haven't even said what the two operating systems involved are, though I
>can guess that the local machine is some version of Windows.

The local machine is running Windows 7.  I'm not sure what the other machine 
is running on, but I assume it can handle ssh.  If it helps, I usually 
connect to it manually via an https web link, and then after entering my 
user name and password in a Firepass session manager it runs an active-x 
cache cleaner program and will then let me navigate to server B which is 
behind the firewall. 

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