Sudden doubling of nearly all messages

Dave Angel d at
Sat Jul 21 12:48:29 CEST 2012

Has anybody else noticed the sudden double-posting of nearly all
messages in the python mailing list?

Previously, I've seen some messages double posted, and it was nearly
always a newbie, presumably posting via some low-end gateway.  But now
i'm noticing nearly every message appears twice, identical datestamps,
and usually one message considered a reply to the other.

Deleting these locally is not only a pain, but if I get the wrong one,
it messes up the threading.

I'm using Thunderbird 14.0 on Linux 11.04, with mail configured for
non-digest mode.  I read the messages in threaded mode.

Probably related, I've had a serious spate of messages are obvious Re:
types, but not threaded to the original set.  I'm guessing because it's
because I earlier deleted one of a pair.



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