Sudden doubling of nearly all messages

Dave Angel d at
Sun Jul 22 02:33:56 CEST 2012

On 07/21/2012 08:13 PM, Steven D'Aprano wrote:
> On Sat, 21 Jul 2012 06:48:29 -0400, Dave Angel wrote:
>> Has anybody else noticed the sudden double-posting of nearly all
>> messages in the python mailing list?
> No I have not.
> It sounds like a problem with your Usenet provider. Remember that this 
> news group is a mirror of the mailing list python-list at so you 
> can check the mail archives to see if the problem is there. It is also 
> mirrored by gmane (I *think* it is gmane.comp.python.general).

I don't have a usenet provider, I use the straight email, collected as
regular email, by Thunderbird.  I thought for a while that perhaps my
imap provider had hiccupped, and just reloaded all the same messages. 
But it happened in several sessions, and for the messages I checked, the
emails were *NOT* identical.

>> Previously, I've seen some messages double posted, and it was nearly
>> always a newbie, presumably posting via some low-end gateway.
> Some people also annoyingly send to both the newsgroup *and* the mailing 
> list, not realising -- or not caring -- that they are the same thing.
That may be because many other messages (including this one from you)
list the newsgroup in the headers, so a reply-all generates it as one of
the recipients.  The only reason I don't fall into that trap is that I
have Thunderbird configured to *not* send to any newsgroup.



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