My first ever Python program, comments welcome

Lipska the Kat lipska at
Sun Jul 22 11:20:35 CEST 2012

On 22/07/12 03:55, rusi wrote:
> On Jul 22, 1:10 am, Dave Angel<d... at>  wrote:
>> A totally off-the-wall query.  Are you using a source control system,
>> such as git ?  It can make you much braver about refactoring a working
>> program.
> Question in a similar vein: What development environment do you use?
> My impression is that the majority of pythonistas use a non-ide editor
> like vi or emacs
> Ive been using emacs for 20 years and python-mode of emacs is very
> useful but I am increasingly concerned that emacs is refusing to move
> with the times.

My current 'Python development environment' is gedit with line numbering 
turned on and a terminal window to run chmodded scripts :-)

> Which is why I am particularly curious how an ol Java-head finds
> eclipse+python ( )

Python and eclipse ... Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ;-)

Well I have to say that I've used Eclipse with the myEclipse plugin for 
a number of years now and although it has it's moments it has earned me 
LOADS of MONEY so I can't really criticise it. I have Eclipse installed 
on a Windows box so I may try the plugin ... but actually I'm really 
enjoying doing things the 'old fashioned way' again.

I'm going to do 'proper OO' version of the shell script to learn about 
wiring different modules together ... I find the official documentation 
hard to navigate though.


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