ANN: 0.94

Ethan Furman ethan at
Mon Jul 23 22:05:06 CEST 2012

Chris Angelico wrote:
> On Sun, Jul 22, 2012 at 4:15 AM, Ethan Furman <ethan at> wrote:
>> I'll support 3.3+, but not with the same code base:  I want to use all the
>> cool features that 3.3 has!  :)
> The trouble with double-codebasing is that you have double
> maintenance. But sure. So long as your time isn't under great
> pressure, it can be quite effective.

Once I get to 1.0 release, it will enter maintenance/bug-fix-only 
mode, and I'll start on the 3.3+ version.

The 1.0 release will have the final API, support for Clipper tables, 
hopefully support for auto-incrementing fields, maybe support for .idx 
files, plus everything there now.

.cdx files (and maybe .idx files) will have to wait for the 3.3+ version.

There, now I have a roadmap to follow!  :)


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