My first ever Python program, comments welcome

rusi rustompmody at
Tue Jul 24 07:13:30 CEST 2012

On Jul 22, 10:23 pm, Lipska the Kat <lip... at> wrote:

> Heh heh, Nothing to do with Eclipse, just another thing to get my head
> around. For work and Java IMHO you can't beat eclipse...
> at the moment I'm getting my head around git,

Bumped into this yesterday. Seems like a good aid to git-comprehension

> reminding myself of C, learning Python
> and re-learning make. Enough already; but if there's a python plugin I
> guess I'll get around to it eventually

Seems like a strange combo. It should be
where X could range from
to distribute
to scons

Why burden yourself by making the '|'s into '&'s?

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